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Travel with Confidence

Today's business travelers need more than airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals. They need the support of a full-service travel management company—a reliable business partner with the people, resources and technology to guarantee success. They need International Travel Associates.

ITA has developed this site with you in mind. We offer a web-based booking site and mobile app that are ready to help you book your flight online—easily and securely.

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We know you don't always travel for business

Sometimes, you get to relax and do the things you enjoy most. Whether you like to play in the snow or the sand or be on slopes, the green or the sea, we can help.

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Give Them the World!

What better gift can you give someone than the entire world? We have gift certificates that make excellent retirement, graduation or wedding gifts. Come to think of it, whatever the occasion, who wouldn’t want a gift that gives them unlimited travel possibilities? Let their imagination run wild! Call (800) 622-4099 or email for more information about our gift certificate program.